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Tipping is a common practice in the United Arab Emirates, and many service providers rely on this extra income to get by. Tipping during the beginning of your visit will encourage high-quality and consistent service throughout the length of your stay. Tips of about 10 percent to 15 percent are customary and promote excellent service. If you are unsure whether the intended person will receive your tip, you can either ask or hand the tip directly to him or her. Leave tips in cash.

The local currency of the United Arab Emirates is the Emirati dirham (Dh), which is subdivided into fils. One dirham is equal to one hundred fils. 

Tipping Guide

Setting Gratuities
Transportation Rounding the fare up to the next Dh5 is customary.

Tip concierges Dh110 to Dh130 for exceptionally helpful service.

Porters should receive Dh5 to Dh10 per bag.

Doorkeepers should receive Dh5 to Dh10 for services such as flagging taxis.

Housekeeping staff should receive Dh20 to Dh30 at the end of your visit, or Dh7 to Dh11 per day.

Restaurants, Bars, Cafés

Restaurants and bars will sometimes include service charges in bills. Tipping 15% to 20% is appropriate at restaurants if a service charge isn't included.

United Arab Emirates has seven-star restaurants, where meals cost upwards of Dh735 per person. At such an establishment, tipping the maître d’ Dh185 to Dh365 will ensure that you receive superior service. 

Tipping in bars isn't expected, but can result in better service.

Personal Services

Do not tip bathroom attendants.

Hairdressers and barbers do not expect tips.

Baggers at supermarkets do not expect tips, but will appreciate Dh5.

Tipping gas pump attendants Dh5 is acceptable, but definitely not expected.


Tip tour guides Dh35 to Dh70 per person per day.

Drivers should receive Dh20 per person per day.

Terms for Payment and Tipping

Arabic is the official languages in the United Arab Emirates. Persian and English are widely spoken, as well, as are Hindi and Urdu. Terms in Arabic that you might encounter and find useful for point-of-payment situations are below. 

English Arabic
tip (noun) بقشيش (baqshysh) (bak-sheesh)
the bill/total الفاتورة (alfatura) (al-faa-tuur-aa)
how much? كم؟ (Kam?) (KAM)
money نقود (naqud) (no-kood)
please رجاءً (rja'an) (rajaa-AN)
thank you شكرا (shukraan) (shu-kran)
yes نعم (nam) (NA-am)
no لا (la) (LAH)