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The United Arab Emirates, a federation of seven emirates known for its desert landscape, modern architecture, and vast oil reserves, is home to a couple significant lakes, each offering a unique aspect of the country's diverse environment. Among these, the man-made Al Qudra Lake near Dubai stands out for its role in promoting wildlife conservation and as a popular recreational destination. The following table provides an overview of the United Arab Emirates' major lakes, focusing on essential aspects such as the lake's surface area, its elevation above sea level, its primary water source, and the nature of its outflow.

Lake Name 



Water Source


Al Qudra Lake

10 km² (3.9 mi²)

20 m (65 ft)

Treated Wastewater

N/A (reservoir)

Hatta Dam Lake 2.5 km² (1 mi²) 300 m (984 f) Rainfall and runoff N/A (reservoir)