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Insurance and Med Evac

An injury or a health problem while you are traveling can be a minor nuisance, an interesting cultural experience, or a major problem. Many travelers are unaware of the need to protect themselves and their finances from the consequences of unforeseen medical situations. Taking a few actions before you depart, and knowing where to get help if you need it on your trip, can help you keep difficulties to a minimum. 

Why should I be concerned about medical coverage abroad?
  • Many health insurance plans, including Social Security Medicare in the U.S., do not provide coverage overseas. Plans that provide "customary and reasonable" hospital costs abroad may not pay for your medical evacuation back to your home country, a huge expense.
  • Many foreign doctors and hospitals require payment in cash prior to providing service. 
  • Uninsured patients may be refused service.
  • Countries with socialized medicine may not provide full services to non-residents.
  • Payment of hospital and other expenses abroad is the responsibility of the traveler.
  • Some countries require tourists to carry accident or travel insurance.
What questions should I ask my health insurance company?
  • Does this insurance policy cover emergency expenses abroad such as returning me to my country for treatment if I am seriously ill?
  • Does this insurance cover high-risk activities I may be planning, such as parasailing, mountain climbing, scuba diving and off-roading?
  • Does this policy cover pre-existing conditions?
  • Does the insurance company require pre-authorizations or second opinions before emergency treatment can begin?
  • Does the insurance company guarantee medical payments abroad?
  • Will the insurance company pay foreign hospitals and foreign doctors directly?
  • Does the insurance company have a 24-hour physician-backed support center? 

In the U.S., people of retirement age may wish to contact the American Association of Retired Persons for information about foreign medical care coverage with Medicare supplement plans.

Can my government assist me if I become disabled overseas?
  • If a citizen becomes ill or is seriously injured abroad, a consular officer can assist in locating appropriate medical services and informing family or friends.
  • If necessary, a consular officer can also assist in the transfer of funds from the home country.
  • Payment of hospital and other expenses is the responsibility of the traveler.
What's the difference between travel insurance and travel medical insurance?
  • Travel Insurance insures your financial investment up to the amount of your policy limits.
  • Travel Medical Insurance insures you should you become ill and need medical attention while living or traveling abroad.
What insurance information should I carry with me abroad?
  • Your insurance policy identity card as proof of your insurance
  • Claim form

Several private organizations will provide medical information and insurance for overseas travelers. Most charge a fee for this service. The following is provided FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and in no way constitutes an endorsement, expressed or implied, by World Trade Press or the US Department of State.

Medical Evacuation Companies

Advanced Air Ambulance

Miami, FL
Tel: (800) 633-3590, (305) 232-7700
Web: www.flyambu.com

AeroCare Air Ambulance Services

Sugar Grove, IL
Tel: (800) 823-1911, (630) 466-0900
Web: www.aerocare.com


American International Group, Inc.
Houston, Texas
Tel: (800) 626-2427,  (713) 267-2525

Air Ambulance Network

Tarpon Springs, FL
Tel: (800) 327-1966
Web: www.airambulancenetwork.com/

Air Ambulance International

Houston, TX
Tel: (800) 513-5192, (832) 934-2390
Fax: (832) 934-2395
Web: www.airambulanceinternational.com/

Air Ambulance Professionals

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Tel: (800) 752-4195, (954) 491-0555
Web: www.airambulanceprof.com/


Phoenix, AZ
Tel: (800) 421-6111
Web: http://www.airevac.com

AirMD Air Ambulance Services

Clearwater, FL
Tel: (800) 282-6878, (727) 530-7972
Web: http://www.airmd.net

AIRescue International

Van Nuys, CA
Tel: (800) 922-4911, (818) 994-0911

Air Medic–Air Ambulance of California

Washington, PA
Tel: (800) 245-9987
Web: www.aeronational.com

Air Star International 

Thermal, CA
Tel: (877) 570-0911, (800) 991-2869
Email: AirStar1@aol.com

Air Response

Orlando, FL
Tel: (800) 631-6565, (303) 858-9967
Web: airresponse.net

American Care, Inc. 

San Diego, CA
Tel: (800) 941-2582, (619) 486-8844

American Jets

Ft. Pierce, FL
Tel: (888) 633-5381, (772) 380-4167
Email: jimh@americanjet.net
Web: www.americanjets.net

American Jet Air Medical 

Houston, TX
Tel: (888) I-FLY-AJI, (713) 641-9700
Web: www.iflyaji.com

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance

Scottsdale, AZ
Tel: (877) 264-3570, (480) 634-8017
Web: www.angelmedflight.com

Assist-Card (also provides travel insurance services)

Miami, FL
Tel: (800) 874-2223, (786) 437-0100
Web: www.assist-card.com

Axa Assistance

122 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 1100
Chicago, IL 606031
Tel: (800) 874-4372
Web: www.axa-assistance-usa.com

Critical Air Medicine

San Diego, CA
Tel: (800) 247-8326, (619) 571-0482

Critical Care Medflight

Lawrenceville, GA
Tel: (800) 426-6557
Web: www.criticalcaremedflight.com

Inflight Medical Services International, Inc. 

Naples, FL
Tel: (800) 432-4177, (941) 594-0800

International SOS Assistance (also provides travel insurance services)

Philadelphia, PA
Tel: (800) 523-8930, (215) 244-1500
Web: www.internationalsos.com

Life Guard International, Inc.

Las Vegas, NV
Tel: (888) FLY'N-ICU (888-359-6428)
Email: lgii@flyingicu.com
Web: www.flyingicu.com


Tempe, AZ
Tel: (480) 333-3700
Email: info@medaire.com

Medex Assistance Corporation (also provides travel insurance services)

Baltimore, MD
Tel: (888) MEDEX-00, (800) 537-2029
Web: www.medexassist.com

Med Escort International Inc.

Allentown, PA
Tel: (800) 255-7182, (610) 791-3111
Web: www.medescort.com

Medjet International, Inc.

Birmingham, AL
Tel: (800) 356-2161, (205) 592-4460
Web: www.medjet.com

Mercy Medical Airlift  (Service area: Caribbean and part of Canada only. If necessary, will meet commercial incoming patients at JFK, Miami, and other airports.)

Manassas, VA
Tel: (800) 296-1217
Web: www.patienttravel.org

National Air Ambulance

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Tel: (800) 327-3710, (305) 525-5538
Web: www.nationaljets.com

Smartravel (provides a range of travel medicine services)

Alexandria, VA
Tel: (800) 730-3170, (703) 379-8645
Web: www.smartravel.org

Stat Air International (provides air ambulance, med-evac, travel assistance and medical escort on private and commercial flights worldwide)

San Diego, CA
Tel: (619) 754-6550, (800) 557-5911
Email: service@statair.com
Web: www.statair.com

Travel Assist Network Corporation 

South Bend, IN
Tel: (866) 500-0333, (574) 272-5400
Email: info@travelassistnetwork.com
Web: www.travelassistnetwork.com/

Travel Care International, Inc. 

Eagle River, WI
Tel: (800) 524-7633, (715) 479-8881
Web: www.travel-care.com

Travelers Emergency Network

Tierra Verde, FL
Tel: (800) ASK-4-TEN
Email: ten@intrex.net
Web: www.tenweb.com

Trinity Air Ambulance International (provides Air Ambulance/Med-evac's worldwide, Travel Assistance & Medical Escorts on commercial flights)

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tel: (954) 771-7911
Email: Contact@TrinityAirAmbulance.com
Web: www.trinityairambulance.com

Premier Jets

Portland, Oregon
Tel: (800) 635-8583, (503) 681-3064
Web: premierjets.com

Austrian Air Ambulance

Vienna, Austria
Tel: [43] (1) 40-144
Web: www.oafa.com/

Tyrol Air Ambulance

Innsbruck, Austria
Tel: [43] (512) 22422
Web: www.taa.at


Helsinki International Airport
Vantaa, Finland
Tel: [358] (9) 870-2544
Web: www.jetflite.fi

German Air Rescue (DRF)

Filderstadt, Germany
Tel: [49] 0711-7007-0
Email: alarmzentrale@drf.de
Web: www.drf.de

AEA International (Service worldwide, also provides travel insurance services)

Tel: (800) 468-5232

South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel: [27] (11) 315-3999
Web: www.europassistance.co.za

United Kingdom
IAS Medical Air Ambulance

Tel: [44] (20) 870-042-1465
Email: info@iasmedical.com

Travel Insurance Companies

Access America, Inc. 

Richmond, VA
Tel: (866) 807-3982
Web: www.accessamerica.com

ASA, Inc.

International Health Insurance
Phoenix, AZ
Tel: (888) ASA-8288
Web: www.asaincor.com


Tacoma, WA
Tel: (866) 552-8834, (253) 238-6382
Email: info@betins.com
Web: www.betins.com

Clements International

Washington, DC
Tel: (800) 872-0067, (202) 872-0060
Email: info@clements.com
Web: www.clements.com

CSA Travel Protection

San Diego, CA
Tel: (888) 873-5484
Web: www.csatravelprotection.com

Expat Global Medical

Advance, NC
Tel: (336) 998-9583
Email: john@expatglobalmedical.com
Web: www.expatglobalmedical.com

Gateway International Insurance Plans

Marsh Consumer
Washington, DC
Tel: (202) 367-5097, (800) 282-4495
Email: gateway@marshpm.com
Web: www.gatewayplans.com

Health Care Global (also known as MEDHELP or WALLACH & COMPANY or HEALTHCARE ABROAD)

Middleburg, VA
Tel: (800) 237-6615, (540) 687-3166
Web: www.wallach.com

Highway to Health (also provides destination-based travel health information for cities worldwide)

Fairfax, VA
Tel: (703) 322-1515
Web: highwaytohealth.com


Warwick, RI
Tel: (800) 487-4722, (401) 773-9300
Web: www.insuremytrip.com

International Medical Group (IMG)

Indianapolis, IN
Tel: (800) 628-4664, (317) 655-4500
Web: www.imglobal.com

MultiNational Underwriters, Inc.

Indianapolis, IN
Tel: (800) 605-2282
Email: insurance@mnui.com
Web: www.mnui.com

M. H. Ross Travel Insurance Services

Northridge, CA
Tel: (800) 423-3632
Web: www.tripinsurance.com

Petersen International Underwriters, Inc. 

Valencia, CA
Tel: (800) 345-8816
Email: piu@piu.org
Web: www.piu.org

QuoteWright.com, America's Travel Insurance Store

East Hartford, CT.800-821-4940
Email: service@quotewright.com
Web: www.quotewright.com

Seven Corners, Inc.

Carmel, IN
Tel: (800) 335-0611, (317) 575-2652
Web: www.sevencorners.com

Travel Assist Network Corporation

South Bend, IN
Tel: (866) 500-0333, (574) 272-5400
Email: info@travelassistnetwork.com
Web: www.travelassistnetwork.com


Omaha, NE
Tel: (800) 228-9792
Web: www.travelex-insurance.com

Travel Guard

Stevens Point, WI
Tel: (800) 826-1300, (715) 345-0505
Web: www.travelguard.com

Travel Insured International, Inc

E. Hartford, CT
Tel: (800) 243-3174
Email: info@travelinsured.com

Travel Insurance Services

InterMedical Division
Walnut Creek, CA
Tel: (800) 937-1387, (925) 932-1387
Web: www.travelinsure.com

USA Assist

Worldwide Travel Insurance
Los Angeles, CA
Tel: (877) 539-8619
Web: www.usa-assist.com

Universal Service and Assistance

Alexandria, VA
Tel: (800) 770-9111, (703) 370-7800

Worldwide Assistance

Washington, DC
Tel: (800) 777-8710 ext. 417
Web: www.worldwideassistance.com

Integra Global 

Hallein , Austria
Tel: [43] (6245) 71303
Email: info@integraglobal.com
Web: www.integraglobal.com

Executive Medical Services

Health Quest Travel, Inc. 

Wexford, PA
Tel: (888) 899-3633
Email: HQT@HealthQuestTravel.com

World Clinic

Burlington, MA
Tel: (800) 636-9186
Web: www.worldclinic.com

Medical Escort

Air Medical Escort Services 

1135 Kildare Farm Road, Suite 200
Cary, North Carolina 27511
Tel: (877) 400-0463, (919) 342-4598
Web: www.airescort.com

Source: US Department of State